April Sale!

Stock up on Flower Soaps!

Free shipping if you buy Flower and rose soap categories!

The minimum spend is 15$

Coupon: redroses

If you have a light pink bathroom and like roses, the http://www.shimmersoap.com/product/luxurious-collection-with-english-rose/ is for  you.

If you have a sage green bathroom, the http://www.shimmersoap.com/product/crisp-apple-rose-soap/is a great spring soap with a mix of moss and apple rose scent.

If your bathroom is blue or white, the http://www.shimmersoap.com/product/frosted-rose/ is great.

If you have a bold pink bathroom, the http://www.shimmersoap.com/product/cherry-blossom-soap/ soap is perfect.









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