Custom Soaps!

Photo on 2-4-16 at 4.55 PMPhoto on 12-11-15 at 8.33 AM

Make your own soap! Simply choose a mold, fragrance, base, and color.Post in the comments section your fragrance, base, color, and mold.  Add the custom soap product to cart. Done!

Prices are 2.50 for 1 soap


Rose mold (see frozen ice soap above for details)

Basic oval

Seashell mold


Heart mold

Fragrances   Photo on 2-9-16 at 5.52 PM

 Crisp Apple Rose

Butter Mints (smells like mint chocolate)


Sea Breeze

Pink petals


Vanilla Select



Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey

Bases                                 Photo on 2-9-16 at 6.33 PM

Honey Melt and Pour

White Melt and Pour

Clear Melt and Pour

Colors                       Photo on 2-9-16 at 6.37 PM

Emerald Green Glitter

Snowflake sparkle mica

Strawberry red color

Lime green color

Orange color

Violet color

Blue color



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